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Basic technical training for dental engineers in Bratislava, October 22nd

Dear FONA customer,

If you would like to participate at the training, please complete the Registration Form


1st Day: FONA XDC, FONA XDG, CDR Elite, Stellaris, OrisWin DG suite

2nd Day: ArtPlus, ArtPlus C

3rd Day: XPan DG, XPan  DG Plus, FONA 1000

4th Day: FONA 1000, FONA 2000L

5th Day: Hygenius, Purgenius

Products:  F1000, F2000, CDR Elite, Stellaris, OrisWin, XDG, XDC, XPan DG, Xpan DG PLus, ArtPlus, ArtPlus Ceph, Hygenius, Purgenius

Content: operation, installation, troubleshooting, service and maintenance

Please note that the attendee capacity is limited to minimum 4 persons, max up to 8 persons. FONA reserves the right to cancel the training in case the minimum attendee capacity is not fulfilled 4 weeks before the date of the class start. Do not make any travel/hotel booking until the training participation is confirmed by FONA. Please note that the travel to/from Bratislava and accommodation of attendees is not covered by FONA.